Will there be more videos? For example, every month?

I firmly believe that quality is not achieved by quantity. On the platform you will find an astonishing range of movement, which is increased many times over in the Real Life Movement Adventures. You will be able to work with the material on this platform for several decades if you learn to differentiate, subtlize and essentialize. And it is precisely this process that the movements presented here promote. Your power lies in subtlety.
The priority of the material presented here, besides the spectrum, is safety.
Since this is said, there will be some more content, but not new entertainment every month.
Not more movement videos, but a lot of depth of movement is offered by the Mentorship Program.

Why should I sign up here instead of looking at Youtube tutorials?

If you are looking for non-commitment and entertainment, you are of course well served on Youtube. But you probably aren’t. That’s why you are here.
Some online offers also advertise that there does not have to be a commitment. This offer is not like that. Of course you can do whatever you want after you have registered. But this offer is designed for people who want to get in and engage themselves, who want to learn something, who want to walk a path.
Clarity is what you need on a path. You can get this clarity here - in addition to exclusive inputs based on decades of movement practice and teaching that you simply cannot find on YouTube.

What kind of currency is CHF?

CHF is Swiss Franc. I live in Switzerland, hence this currency. Furthermore the Swiss Franc is very stable. You can find a currency converter here.

Where do I find courses with Martin in real life?

Martin's courses consist of the Movement Adventures. You can find information about them here. If you live in Switzerland or Germany, you can also join the local Integral Movement network. There are regular outdoor movement meetings. You can find this network here.

How much does the MENTORSHIP PROGRAM cost?

The Mentorship Program begins with a dialogue, not a number.
Contact Martin by mail mschmid@integralmovement.info or via this form.

I speak German. Can we do the MENTORSHIP PROGRAM in German?

Everything that is 1:1 with Martin can be done in German, Swiss German or English. All parts that are with others or for all are in English.

You did not find your question or answer?

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