How to Move with the Integral Movement Platform

Hello, this is a short guide to help you find your preferred movement method on this page as quickly as possible.

If you are new to the world of movement, just look around and see what appeals to you. See what feels good and start there. You don't have to have a master plan, you have to take a first step. Be assured that you are in the right place. 

If you are looking for yoga, I am also very clear: the focus of this site is not on yoga. There are thousands of online sites that offer a great variety of yoga. If you are looking for a basic and thorough practice, the offer on this site is more than enough. If you are looking for a lot of variety, many modern flows and fancy asanas, you will find them somewhere else.

Yoga is practiced on this platform as a supplement, because for the sedentary person of our time the impulses from Qigong and Taiji are sometimes a bit too gentle, and because a more active practice of strengthening the shoulder girdle is usually of great value to practitioners of the gentle methods in terms of posture. 

If you are looking for moving relaxation, then I recommend Qigong or RIVERS as an entrance.

If you are looking for dynamics, variety, versatility and/or strength, RIVERS is the right thing for you.

Taiji is wonderful if you are willing to invest a little more in a learning process. You invest a few weeks or months in learning the form and you have it with you for a lifetime.
If you already do Taiji, you may not want to learn a new form. The sword form is a wonderful addition and continuation of the hand forms. Sword or not, the many impulses to Taiji can and should be incorporated into every Taiji practice. These are

the principles like

  • the Eight Directions and Four Rivers
  • Tensegrity
  • open and close
  • the wave
  • and further elements like

  • breathing
  • energy focus and
  • inner movement
  • By the way, if you do qigong, it's worth looking at these principles and working with them, because they also apply to qigong movements. Which brings us to qigong. Again, do what you want to do.

    If you already have a movement practice and you want to supplement it because you know or suspect that something is missing from you or your body, then you might find what you are looking for in Taiji, Qigong, Yoga or definitely in the RIVERS movements. Each method is a specific selection from the range of movements, and therefore also a limitation. There are only advantages to widen the spectrum a little.

    RIVERS is for everyone. It can serve as a supplement or deepening, or as an independent movement practice.
    I hope that this will make your start a little easier. See you in the videos and hopefully in real life! 

    – Martin Schmid