Martin Schmid


Since 1988 Martin is on the path of movement as a path to integration. He has taught for 23 years. Today he no longer teaches, but he shares his path.

Teaching Taiji, Qigong and Yoga have provided Martin with much experience over the last two decades of the potential, but also the limitations of these movement modes, which led to the development of RIVERS. RIVERS is not just another method, but a new generation of teaching movement and of movement as a path.

Martin is a passionate movement explorer. He was a primary school teacher a long, long time ago, and he remains a methodologist to this day, always in search of the optimal way to pass on something, or rather, to build an optimal field for experience and integration. He also has studied Integrative Body and Energy Therapy and holds a Master (MAS) in Spiritual Theology. 

Martin has written three books that explain the details of the path of Integral Movement and present them in an exemplary way. He has written several other books on specific movement topics and methods.

Martin lives in Switzerland. He is married and has two grown-up sons.

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